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These animals are from Town & Country Humane Society in Nebraska



Scout is a 9 year old female. Front de-clawed.
Scout will need her hair brushed often, she enjoys it very much.
This little lady is vocal, she loves talking with you!
Scout loves to play with her toy mouse.
Scout would like to be the only cat/pet in her castle.
Scout is litter box trained.



Rufus is a 7 year old male Rottweiler. 
Rufus loves people, but will do better in a home without small kids(no children under age 6).
He knows "sit" and is working on other commands. He has had leash training. 
Rufus would do best in a home that has owned dogs in the Working group in the past.
He would do best with a female canine companion, if one at all.
Rufus should be watched/on leash around cats.
He is still athletic, and would benefit with long walks and a jog each day.
Rufus is also house broken.

Here is Town & Country humane society's web page if you would like more information.