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Fan Fiction

Horatio's Home Page

Requirements for submitting Fan Fiction

  • Must be Hornblower related
  • Characters must act like themselves (unless stated in beginning of story)
  • Keep "rating" like that of the series

This is How it Was

This is How it Was is a story of a mother and her son traveling on the Indefatigable, a british navel ship. Writen by the Captain, Sir Edward Pellew, and Mrs. Cobblin, it is an actual account of what happend that day.
You will enjoy reading about this real happening.

A Time of War and Redemption

Horatio Hornblower is at sea with two new midshipmen. Trouble begins, and a crewmember turns up dead. Midshipmen Martin is accused, and must run for his life.

Who do you believe? Read this gripping story to find the truth.

Fan Fiction may be emailed to - no submissions will be edited