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Horatio's Notes

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Notes from Webmaster Horatio Hornblower

Greetings everyone!
The forum has picked up, thanks to hotspurslegacy! I hope more of you will come and join us! I have been able to change things here and there to make the site, overall, much better (in my eyes). If you want to link me - or me to link you - check out the Other Sites page, you can find links for both there.
Thank you everyone who has come to my site!!! Your interest keeps my site going!!!!
Best Wishes,
        Mr. Hornblower
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If you would like to send in any fan work, or have any ideas about anything, feel free to contact me. You will be given credit for your submission(s).

I have been able to make an update. I am truly sorry, my dear visitors, for not doing so sooner. You are now able to contact me by other than the guestbook! You can check out the contact page for details.
Horatio Hornblower

Hello, I am Horatio Hornblower.

I am going to tell you about myself, and I hope that you will understand my problem.

I am a sailor in the Royal Navy; I have a most wonderful web site, which could be much better than it is, but for one thing. Nobody seems to be interested in my site, if you were, the growth and prospect of it would be much larger. I would like it if you would be so kind as to leave something in the guestbook or on the message board, do the poll, or just whatever, as long as you show me you have interest in it. Since nobody shows any, my site has not been worked on, therefore, those of you who do look at it, see nothing different, and do not care to later return. I have had my gallery fixed (happiness only begins to describe it), and I have my forum. I would like to work on my web site more, as I do enjoy progress, and I soon hope to start my web ring.



Horatio Hornblower