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This is How it Was
By Captain Pellew & Catherine Cobblin 
Part of the Horatio Hornblower series
2002 All rights reserved
The Admirality in London
"Captain Pellew", said The Hornblower Guy.
"Yes", said Captain Pellew.
"My sister, her son and her son's companion, are leaving England to go to Venezuela", said The Hornblower Guy.
"I see", said Captain Pellew.
The Hornblower Guy went on, "I was thinking you would take them on your ship, since the destination is exact as yours."
"Of course", was Captain Pellew's reply.
"They arrive at noon", said The Hornblower Guy.
At the Harbor
The Cobblins arrived on horse back with the Abel's companion, Charlie.
"Do you think the ship will hold up mother", said Abel Cobblin jokingly.
Mrs. Cobblin laughed. Captain Pellew and Mr. Hornblower walked up to them.
Horatio Hornblower bowed to Mrs. Cobblin and her son, on standing up again he rocked forward on his toes.
"Off, your toes Mr. Hornblower", whispered Captain Pellew.
Abel said to Captain Pellew, "Our baggage is arriveing", then to Charlie, "Charlie".
Charlie rode up to Abel.
"Go see where the wagons are", commanded Abel.
Charlie rode off.
"Where will our trucks go", Abel asked Captain Pellew.
"Your personal baggage will go in your cabin, the rest will be put below", answered Captain Pellew.
"Put below?! Have them put in our room", said Abel.
"Of course, as you wish", said Captain Pellew.
Charlie found the wagons he was looking for and said, "Hurry up men."
He then turned around and rode back to the harbor at a gallop.
As he neared he slowed his horse down.
"They're coming", Charlie told Abel, and returned to his place behind him.
Two wagons came into view.
"Are those all your trunks", asked Hornblower.
"No, there is one more on the way", said Abel.
A third wagon came into view.
From on board the ship.
"We'll be in port all day if we have to put those on board", said Styles to Matthews.
Matthews nodded in agreement.
"I do not wish to deprive you of you belongings, but I'm afraid there is not enough room for all your trunks", said Hornblower.
"Not room for all our trunks", said Abel, upset at the idea.
"Perhaps you could arrange them differently", said Honblower.
"And have my stockings and carvats mixed with my shirts and trousers", exclaimed Abel.
"Well, then, if you cannot compromise, they will have to be left here. It's time for you to decide which are more inportant, your shirts and trousers or, your carvats and stockings", said Horatio.
Abel was flabbergasted.
"You know they are only half full, Abel. You could put them in one rather that four", said Charlie.
"And have my trunks open for all society and below to see", said Abel.
"Well, I certainly will", said Mrs. Cobblin.
Abel moved his horse closer to his mother and whispered, "And have your dressed be seen. It would be a disgrace...and in front of these...sailors!"
"Well, it's no use acting like a wild Turk", to Captain Pellew, "I always said he should have been born with red hair."
"Mother", said Abel.
Charlie, while watching, saw they were getting no where, said to Abel, "We could make a canopy, I would take it upon myself."
Abel thought about it.
"Get to it then", said Abel.
Charlie went to get it ready.
Later he returned.
"It's done", said Charlie.
"What's done, anything could be 'done', now reapproach me", said Abel.
"Your trunks have been finished being arranged", Charlie announced to Abel.
"Very well", said Abel.
Abel dismounted and Charlie followed his example. Abel helped his mother down and Charlie took the horses to a servant. Captain Pellew motioned for them to board and followed with Horatio.
On board the ship.
"You will forgive my son, he is used to more luxurious accommodations", said Mrs. Cobblin.
"Naturally, there is no need for you to excuse your son", said Captain Pellew.
"You will stay away from my son's companion and advise your men to do the same. He is...very wild indeed. I only keep him because, I promised his family, they are all dead now, you know", said Mrs. Cobblin.
"I see", said Captain Pellew.
At that moment the ship started to go down.
The End



*****An Exclusive Interview****
News Reporter: Captain Pellew, could you tell us how it was when the ship went down.
Captain Pellew: Of course, we were going smoothly for a good while and then we hit something and went down.
News Reporter: Is that it?
Captain Pellew: Yes, I believe so.
News Reporter: Mrs. Cobblin, could you tell us what it was like when the ship went down!
Mrs. Cobblin: I don't know, it all happend so quickly, we were going nicely, then we went down.
New Reporter: That was Captain Pellew and Mrs. Cobblin, they were on the Indefatigable as it went down. Luckily everyone survived. That was a live news update. I'm George Collins, London.

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